Why Cyber Security for Kids

The rising penetration of the internet and indispensability of digital technology in education has also created vulnerable ground for hackers and cyber crimes. But this should not deter us from using the technology. Instead one needs to be better equipped and well-prepared to face such challenges efficiently. This necessitates the education of cybersecurity in schools.

Save the teenagers from being victimised by cybercrimes

The article delves into the major reasons for introducing cybersecurity as a subject in schools. The kinds of cyber risks and cyber-attacks that students can face are distributed denial-of-service, Internet of Things( IoT) vulnerabilities, phishing, ransomware, data breach and data manipulation.

  • Teenagers and younger children are at the highest risk of being trapped in cybercrimes due to being ignorant and impressionable
  • The secondary and senior secondary school students should be firstly approached with the subject
  • They should be taught to identify such cyber threat and malinformation or negative content and then some quick preventive cybersecurity measures to save oneself from it

Improves the prospect of securing cyber security jobs in the future

  • The introduction of cybersecurity at the school level helps children to acquaint themselves with the concept at a very early stage
  • It sets the ground to mentally prepare and familiarise them with the growing need of cybersecurity and explore suitable career opportunities in it
  • The demand for cybersecurity jobs has been steadily increasing and many tech giant companies have a huge demand for cyber security experts
  • According to Cyberseek, a globally recognized tool for providing detailed and actionable data about supply and demand in the cybersecurity job market, there is an annual shortage of 39,000 information security analysts currently
  • Since each and every company including online companies need to safeguard its privacy and data from malware and cyber attacks of various sorts, the demand for this job has been increasing in recent times
  • Besides this, the technical know-how of cybercrimes and preventive measures is also needed in national crime agencies, security departments, and police force departments
  • The high demand for skilled security professionals in this field also makes cybersecurity a lucrative career choice and thus they should be taught at schools

The increased use of internet

  • The usage of internet and digital devices is bound to grow further in the coming few years. Cyber attacks are consequently going to grow as well
  • The students constantly need the devices and internet for various educational activities and entertainment and are more prone to such threats
  • They can be easily exposed and cheated by unknowingly clicking an untrusted link, a pop up or by sharing their internet passwords on misleading websites and luring messages
  • In such a scenario, it’s imperative for children to learn and develop awareness about using technology to combat the risks and protect their digital information properly
  • Cyberbullying and cyber crimes can prove to be disturbing and detrimental for young children if they don’t know how to cope with it

* Note: Teaching cybersecurity will not only make students secure and responsible in using the internet, but also enrich them with beneficial information and expand their mental horizon.