Class 1: Super Secret Agents: Keeping Our Online World Safe

Course Objectives Introduce basic cybersecurity concepts like "safe" and "unsafe" online behavior. Encourage responsible digital citizenship. Build awareness of potential online dangers. Promote safe ... Show more
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Format: Interactive activities, stories, games, songs, and simple discussions.


Course Topics (Flexible, adapt based on children’s needs and capabilities):

  1. The Amazing Internet: Explore the internet as a fun and educational space, emphasizing responsible use.
  2. Secret Passwords: Introduce the importance of strong passwords and keeping them safe.
  3. Click with Caution: Discuss responsible clicking habits and avoiding suspicious links or ads.
  4. Privacy Patrol: Explain the concept of personal information and why it’s important to protect it.
  5. Stranger Danger Online: Talk about safe online interactions with people we don’t know.
  6. Sharing Smarts: Discuss what types of information are okay to share online and those that aren’t.
  7. Be a Web Detective: Introduce basic online safety rules and how to be vigilant for potential dangers.
  8. Superpower Time: Highlight ways technology can be used for good and fun activities.
  9. Ask the Grown-Ups: Emphasize asking trusted adults for help if anything online feels unsafe or confusing.
  10. Cybersecurity Champions: Celebrate responsible online behavior and encourage peer collaboration in staying safe.


Activity Examples:

  • Create secret code words instead of passwords.
  • Sing a song about clicking carefully on the internet.
  • Design a “safe” and “unsafe” internet use poster.
  • Play a role-playing game where children practice responding to unsafe online situations.
  • Read stories about internet safety and discuss the lessons learned.
  • Remember:
  • Focus on positive reinforcement and creating a safe and engaging learning environment.
  • Avoid technical jargon and complex concepts.
  • Use age-appropriate language and examples.
  • Encourage open communication and answer questions honestly.
  • Celebrate children’s efforts and progress in learning about cybersecurity.
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Class 1: Super Secret Agents: Keeping Our Online World Safe