Class 8: Robotics & Arduino: Exploring the World of Automation

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Learning Objectives:
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
● Explain the basic principles of robotics and their applications in real-world scenarios.
● Identify different types of robots and their components.
● Understand how sensors work and collect data from their surroundings.
● Write basic Arduino code to control robot movement, lights, and other actuators.
● Design, build, and program simple robots with increasing complexity.
● Use problem-solving strategies to troubleshoot robot behavior.
● Collaborate effectively in teams to design, build, and test robots.
● Communicate their ideas and findings clearly through presentations or reports.

Syllabus Structure:(2 WEEKs)
Part 1: Robotics Essentials (Chapters 1-3, 30 Controls)
● Chapter 1: Introduction to Robotics (3 Controls)
○ What is robotics?
○ Types of robots and their applications
○ Robot anatomy: motors, sensors, actuators, microcontrollers

Chapter 2: Exploring Sensors and Data (10 Controls)
○ Different types of sensors (proximity, light, temperature, touch, etc.)
○ How sensors work and collect data
○ Introduction to data analysis and interpretation
○ Building simple sensor-based projects (e.g., light-following robot)

Chapter 3: Getting Started with Arduino (17 Controls)
○ Introduction to the Arduino platform and IDE
○ Basic programming concepts: variables, loops, conditional statements
○ Programming controls for LEDs, motors, and buzzers
○ Building basic Arduino projects (e.g., blinking LED, motor control)

Part 2: Building and Programming Robots (Chapters 4-7, 40 Controls)
Chapter 4: Line Follower Robot (10 Controls)
○ Principles of line following
○ Designing and building a line follower robot using Arduino
○ Programming the robot to follow different line colors and patterns
○ Exploring PID control for smooth movement

Chapter 5: Obstacle Avoiding Robot (15 Controls)
○ Different obstacle detection sensors (ultrasonic, infrared)
○ Building and programming an obstacle-avoiding robot
○ Implementing decision-making algorithms for obstacle avoidance
○ Integrating multiple sensors for more complex behavior

Chapter 6: Remote-Controlled Robot (15 Controls)
○ Wireless communication methods (Bluetooth, infrared)
○ Building a remote-controlled robot using Arduino and Bluetooth
○ Programming the robot to respond to remote control commands
○ Exploring advanced remote control features (e.g., two-way communication)

Part 3: Advanced Robotics Concepts (Chapters 8-10, 30 Controls)
Chapter 7: Sumo Robot (10 Controls)
○ Principles of sumo wrestling for robots
○ Designing and building a sumo robot using Arduino
○ Programming the robot for sumo-style combat against other robots
○ Experimenting with different strategies and tactics

Chapter 8: Maze Solving Robot (10 Controls)
○ Different maze-solving algorithms (e.g., line tracing, wall following)
○ Building and programming a maze-solving robot
○ Implementing the chosen algorithm in Arduino code
○ Optimizing the robot’s performance for efficient maze traversal

Chapter 9: Light-Seeking Robot (5 Controls)
○ Principles of phototaxis and light sensors
○ Building a light-seeking robot using Arduino
○ Programming the robot to follow a light source
○ Experimenting with different light sources and intensities

Chapter 10: Creative Robotics Project (5 Controls)
○ Open-ended project allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills
○ Brainstorming and designing their own unique robot
○ Building, programming, and testing their robot project
○ Presenting and demonstrating their robot to the class

● Continuous assessment through participation, project work, quizzes, and presentations.
● Final assessment project incorporating all learned concepts.

Course details
Duration 10 hours
Lectures 5
Video 9 hours
Quizzes 1
Level Advanced


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Class 8: Robotics & Arduino: Exploring the World of Automation