Class 3: Fun with AI & Machine Learning!

Overall Objectives: ● Cultivate curiosity and excitement about AI and machine learning (ML) concepts. ● Introduce key AI/ML ideas in a playful, ... Show more
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Target Audience: 3rd-grade students (approximately 7-8 years old)

Course Structure:
The course will be divided into 10 modules (chapters), each focusing on a specific AI/ML theme or application. Each module will include 10 interactive activities or mini-projects, increasing in complexity as students progress.
Sample Module (Chapter 1): Meet the AI Helpers!

Learning Objectives:
○ Understand what AI is and examples of AI in everyday life.
○ Differentiate between AI and traditional computer programs.
○ Recognize the positive impacts of AI in various fields.

Activities/Projects (examples):
○ Role-playing AI assistants (like voice assistants) to help classmates with tasks.
○ Creating simple “chatbots” using online tools or coding blocks.
○ Drawing comics or writing stories about helpful AI characters.
○ Discussing real-world examples of AI, such as medical diagnosis or self-driving cars.

Additional Considerations:
Assessment: Informal observations, self-reflection, collaborative learning projects, and creative presentations will be used to assess student learning and engagement.
● Materials: Age-appropriate resources like picture books, educational websites, coding platforms, and simple robots/sensors will be used.
● Differentiation: Activities will be adapted to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities.



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Class 3: Fun with AI & Machine Learning!