Class 6: Exploring the Wonderful World of AI & Machine Learning

Course Objectives: ● Understand the fundamental concepts of AI and ML in an age-appropriate and engaging way. ● Develop computational thinking skills ... Show more
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Course Description:
Welcome to an exciting journey where you’ll discover the fascinating world of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)! Through interactive activities, engaging storytelling, and hands-on projects, you’ll explore how
machines can learn and act intelligently, and see how AI and ML are revolutionizing various fields. You’ll also gain crucial computational thinking skills and problem-solving techniques that will prepare you for a future driven by
these technologies. Let’s get coding, creating, and thinking like creative AI scientists!

Weekly Agenda (Example):
Session 1 :
○ Introduction to the course: What is AI & ML? (Warm-up activity, real-world examples, discussion)
Chapter 1: The History of AI (Time travel through key breakthroughs, timeline activity)
○ Coding Activity 1: Basic programming concepts (Interactive exercise, visual blocks)

Session 2 :
Chapter 2: Types of AI (Interactive sorting activity, real-world AI agents exploration)
○ Coding Activity 2: Data types and variables (Building data structures, hands-on practice)

 Session 3 :
Chapter 3: How Do Machines Learn? (Supervised vs. unsupervised learning, engaging analogy)
○ Coding Activity 3: Introduction to simple algorithms (Creating a sorting algorithm)

Session 4 :
Chapter 4: Machine Learning in Action (Image recognition, language translation, interactive demos)
○ Coding Activity 4: Data collection and processing (Simulating data gathering and cleaning)

Session 5 :
Chapter 5: The Power of Data (Importance of data, responsible data collection, ethical discussions)
○ Coding Activity 5: Data visualization (Creating charts and graphs to analyze data)

Session 6 :
Chapter 6: Building Your Own AI (Step-by-step chatbot creation, guided project using tools like Scratch)
○ Project Planning: Brainstorming AI ideas for the final project

Session 7 :
○ Guest Speaker: An AI engineer/researcher to share their experiences and answer student questions
○ Project Development: Start coding and building your AI projects

Session 8 :
○ Project Development: Continued work on individual or group AI projects
○ Peer Feedback: Sharing progress and providing constructive feedback

Session 9 :
○ Project Development: Finalizing and polishing AI projects
○ Presentation Preparation: Practicing how to showcase your projects

Session 10 :
○ AI Showcase: Students present their completed AI projects to the class and peer feedback
○ Course Wrap-up: Discussing key learnings, reflection, and future possibilities of AI

● Continuous formative assessment through participation, activities, and coding challenges.
● Creative project development and presentation, including self-reflection and peer feedback.
● Short quizzes or knowledge checks throughout the course to gauge understanding.
● Open-ended reflections on the impact and responsibilities of AI



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Class 6: Exploring the Wonderful World of AI & Machine Learning