Class 5: AI & Machine Learning Adventures

Course Purpose: This interactive course introduces students to the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) through ... Show more
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Course Length: 10 weeks (flexible)
● Weekly Modules: Each week focuses on a key AI and ML concept, combining engaging storytelling, activities, and discussions.
● Interactive Activities: Age-appropriate hands-on exercises and collaborative projects reinforce learning in a fun and memorable way.
● Open-Ended Explorations: Students are encouraged to experiment, ask questions, and explore connections to their interests and the world around them.
● Ethical considerations: Throughout the course, students will discuss the ethical implications of AI and ML, empowering them to be responsible and mindful users of technology.

Curriculum Outline:
Chapter 1: Welcome to the AI Jungle!
● What is AI & ML? (Story: The Helpful Bots)
● How do machines learn? (Activity: Robot Chef Training)
● Real-world AI examples (Discussion: Super-Smart Phones)

Chapter 2: Data Detectives
● The power of data (Story: The Data Detectives)
● Different types of data (Activity: Data Scavenger Hunt)
● How data is used in AI and ML (Discussion: My Personalized Recommendations)

Chapter 3: Coding for Cleverness
● Introduction to coding (Story: The Blockly Builders)
● Basic coding challenges (Activity: Coding Your Own Chatbot)
● How coding helps build AI (Discussion: Talking Toys and Virtual Assistants)

Chapter 4: Algorithms at Work
● What are algorithms? (Story: The Recipe Makers)
● Different types of algorithms (Activity: Sorting Machine Challenge)
● How algorithms are used in AI and ML (Discussion: Music Recommendations and News Feeds)

Chapter 5: The Language of Machines
● Understanding natural language processing (Story: The Talking Animals)
● Text-to-speech and speech-to-text (Activity: Voice-Controlled Games)
● How machines understand language (Discussion: Chatbots and Virtual Assistants)

Chapter 6: Seeing With Machines
● Computer vision basics (Story: The Eye Spy Detectives)
● Image recognition and classification (Activity: Building a Face Detector)
● How machines “see” the world (Discussion: Self-Driving Cars and Security Cameras)

Chapter 7: Learning From Examples
● Introduction to supervised learning (Story: The Mimicking Monkeys)
● Training with labeled data (Activity: Teaching AI to Identify Animals)
● How machines learn from examples (Discussion: Recognizing Spam and Personalized Ads)

Chapter 8: Thinking Without Rules
● Introduction to unsupervised learning (Story: The Curious Robots)
● Clustering and finding patterns (Activity: Grouping Music by Genre)
● How machines find meaning on their own (Discussion: Product Recommendations and Market Research)

Chapter 9: Building the Future
● Emerging AI applications (Story: The AI Helpers)
● Positive impacts of AI (Activity: Designing an AI for Good)
● Ethical considerations and responsible use (Discussion: The Future of AI and Our Choices)

Chapter 10: Your AI Journey Continues!
● Recap of key concepts (Story: The AI Explorers)
● Personalizing your AI journey (Activity: Brainstorming AI Ideas)
● Resources and inspiration for further exploration (Discussion: Sharing Your Passion for AI)



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Friday 9:30 am - 5.00 pm
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Class 5: AI & Machine Learning Adventures