Class 7: AI & Machine Learning Adventures

Course Objectives: ● Understand the concepts of AI and Machine Learning in age-appropriate terms. ● Develop computational thinking skills through hands-on activities. ● ... Show more
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Course Description:

Welcome to the exciting world of AI and Machine Learning! This course will unravel the mysteries of intelligent machines, explore how they learn, and guide you in building your own AI creations. Through interactive activities, coding exercises, and real-world examples, you’ll discover the amazing potential of AI and its impact on various fields.

Textbook: Consider adopting an age-appropriate AI/ML textbook or utilize online resources and tools as the primary instructional materials.

● Continuous assessment through participation, projects, quizzes, and presentations.
● Projects will emphasize creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
● Rubrics will be provided for all assessments to ensure clarity and fairness.

Course Outline:
Chapter 1: Introduction to AI
● What is AI?
● Why learn about AI?
● Real-world examples of AI (e.g., virtual assistants, chatbots, smart devices)
● Activity: Brainstorm and discuss examples of AI you encounter in your daily life.

Chapter 2: Inside the Mind of an AI
● How do AI systems learn?
● Introduction to data and its role in AI
● Different types of data (images, text, sounds)
● Activity: Collect data (e.g., favorite music genres of classmates) and analyze it manually.

Chapter 3: Programming for AI
● Introduction to basic programming concepts like variables, loops, conditions
● Using tools like Scratch or Blockly to create simple AI behaviors
● Building a rock-paper-scissors game or a mini-quiz using code
● Activity: Code a program that simulates an animal’s behavior (e.g., a bird avoiding obstacles).

Chapter 4: Super Smart AI Helpers
● Introduction to Supervised Learning: Learning from labeled data
● Classifying objects based on features (e.g., fruit vs. vegetable)
● Building a simple image classifier using tools like Google Teachable Machine
● Activity: Create a chatbot that can answer basic questions (e.g., about your hobbies).

Chapter 5: Learning Without Labels
● Introduction to Unsupervised Learning: Finding patterns in unlabeled data
● Grouping similar data points (e.g., customer preferences)
● Using visualization tools to explore data patterns
● Activity: Analyze news articles using data visualization tools like Tableau Public.

Chapter 6: AI: Friend or Foe?
● The ethical considerations of AI: bias, fairness, privacy
● Discussing responsible AI development principles
● Activity: Debate the ethical implications of using AI in specific scenarios (e.g., facial recognition).

Chapter 7: AI in Action: Healthcare & the Environment
● Exploring how AI is used in healthcare for diagnosis and treatment
● Understanding the role of AI in environmental sustainability
● Activity: Research and present on an AI application in healthcare or environment.

Chapter 8: AI in Music & Entertainment
● Discovering how AI is used in music composition and recommendation
● Exploring AI’s role in creating interactive games and stories
● Activity: Create a short story set in a world where AI is commonplace.

Chapter 9: The Future of AI
● Discussing the potential impact of AI on jobs and society
● Exploring emerging AI technologies like self-driving cars and robotics
● Activity: Design a robot or AI assistant to help you with a specific task.

Chapter 10: Your Own AI Project
● Identify a problem or challenge you’d like to solve with AI
● Design and plan your AI project, considering data collection, training, and testing
● Develop and implement your solution using appropriate tools and resources
● Present your project and explain its impact and ethical considerations



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Class 7: AI & Machine Learning Adventures