Class 3 : A Syllabus for Young Digital Detectives!

Course Objectives Course Description: Embark on a thrilling adventure into the world of cyber security! Learn how to be a responsible ... Show more
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Course Description: Embark on a thrilling adventure into the world of cyber security! Learn how to be a responsible digital citizen and protect yourself online. Explore exciting topics like passwords, safe websites, and online safety strategies. Through fun activities and games, become a junior cyber sleuth ready to navigate the digital world with confidence!

Teaching Approach: Hands-on activities, interactive games, storytelling, role-playing, and collaborative learning.

Assessment: Informal observations, participation in activities, and creative projects.


Chapters and Controls:

  1. Secret Agent Passwords:
  • Level 1: Create secure passwords using easy-to-remember phrases.
  • Level 2: Use different passwords for different accounts.
  • Level 3: Practice keeping passwords safe and never sharing them.
  1. Internet Explorers: Stay on Safe Paths:
  • Level 1: Identify trusted websites with familiar logos and addresses.
  • Level 2: Learn about website safety icons and certificates.
  • Level 3: Ask a grown-up before clicking on unknown links or pop-ups.
  1. Digital Detectives: Spotting Suspicious Signs:
  • Level 1: Recognize phishing emails and suspicious messages.
  • Level 2: Avoid clicking on attachments or downloads from unknown sources.
  • Level 3: Report suspicious activity to a trusted adult immediately.
  1. Social Media Savvy: Sharing Smartly Online:
  • Level 1: Understand what personal information is safe to share online.
  • Level 2: Set privacy settings on social media accounts.
  • Level 3: Be mindful of what you post and its potential impact.
  1. Cyber Citizen Chronicles: Building a Positive Online Community:
  • Level 1: Practice kindness and respect in online interactions.
  • Level 2: Stand up to cyberbullying and report it to a trusted adult.
  • Level 3: Promote positive digital citizenship by being a good role model.
  1. Data Defender: Protecting Your Information:
  • Level 1: Understand the importance of keeping personal information safe.
  • Level 2: Be cautious about entering personal information online.
  • Level 3: Use strong passwords and keep software updated.
  1. Digital Footprint Detectives: Leaving Safe Traces:
  • Level 1: Learn about the concept of a digital footprint.
  • Level 2: Be mindful of what you post online and its permanence.
  • Level 3: Develop strategies to maintain a positive online reputation.
  1. Virtual Reality Quest: Navigating Online Games Safely:
  • Level 1: Follow age-appropriate guidelines for online games.
  • Level 2: Set time limits for gaming and prioritize real-world activities.
  • Level 3: Be cautious about in-game purchases and interactions with strangers.
  1. Privacy Patrol: Securing Your Devices:
  • Level 1: Understand basic device security measures like locking screens.
  • Level 2: Learn about parental controls and use them responsibly.
  • Level 3: Be aware of location settings and adjust them for privacy.
  1. Cyber Champions: Celebrating Responsible Digital Use:
  • Level 1: Create a personal data security plan.
  • Level 2: Share cyber safety knowledge with friends and family.
  • Level 3: Become a cyber ambassador and promote responsible online behavior.
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Class 3 : A Syllabus for Young Digital Detectives!